Mar 31, 2007

Searching the Internet: Life Beyond Google


Mar 30, 2007

The Deep Web


In this presentation you will see in a clear manner what is the Deep Web, and you will realize why is so important to understand this concept, remember that as much as you know you will start to find the things you are looking for on internet, it is just a matter of time, so be patient, to get the knowledge takes time, learning is an active process, do not forget that.

Mar 29, 2007

What is the Deep Web?


With Google we just can access a small quantity of data, as I told you, google is just the tip of the iceberg, the rest of information that exist can be accessed through other search engines, the fact is that we have to learn how, even when now it is easy to look for videos, images, ppt presentations, animations, etc, we have to learn how, and to keep in mind that we can not access all the information just using one search engine, the information is there, that is why is so important to know many different search engines, databases, etc. If you don't find something with one search engine, you have to use another. And keep in mind that the results you obtain change from country to country even when you use the same search engine, just try with a simple search in google, then go to preference and change the language of preference, and try again, you will see that the results are different. This video show you a brief explanation about the deep web. So pay attention and spread the knowledge.

Mar 28, 2007

Is it everything in Google?


I use Google a lot, because with my e-mail account can access many different services like notebook, blogger, video, images, page creator, reader, etc. that with a little bit of imagination complement each others and make my life easy, a little dependent, but more efficient in compensation. But is it every thing in Google? the answer is NOT, not all is in google. Google is just the tip of the iceberg, there is a lot of information ( in many different formats) that we can access through other search engines. But Google is so good that some times we forget that, and sometimes we assume that when we don't find something in google that just do not exist on the web, what is not true. That's why is so important to learn how to search for the information we want. It is important for us to become familiar with medical databases. Here I just leave a list of some of them, you have to spend some time looking at them, to become familiar with the information you will find in them.
Medical Databases list:
STAT!Ref Online
McGraw-Hill's Access Medicine
Wiley InterScience
TRIP Database
Taylor and Francis Group
Welcome to Ovid
Merck Medicus
Pub Med
McGraw-Hill's AccessScience
Biblioteca Cochrane Plus
HINARI Health InterNetwork Access to Research Initiative
HighWire Press
Ebsco Journal Portal
BMJ Journals Online
Blackwell Synergy
BioMed Central

Mar 27, 2007

Why Web 2.0 is so Important


One aspect really important among other of the Web 2.0 is the fact that it is really easy to share your ideas with others, It is really easy to find someone who have the same ideas and what is more important for me, is the fact that you can work with people you don't know and are far apart, but who have ideas is common with you. Working in collaboration with others, applying what is called Collective Intelligence will let us to improve as a society. But, somehow this is a time of mass education, schools create professionals that think in the same way, schools are like factories were people are programmed to think in determined way, with a narrow view of life, and the mass media give a huge help with that too. We just see, hear and learn what some people want. Nevertheless, internet nowadays allow us to choose what we want to see, hear, learn, but for how long more? This presentation show us a positive perspective of what the future will be, and how important Web 2.0 is, and give us really good examples of that.

Mar 26, 2007

The End of Medicine


Once in a while is good to hear what others think about us, and what they think about our profession. People usually treat us well, they come with us with their ailments, but what about our colleagues, people who work with us, I have the opportunity to study now with people who are not doctors and who do not know that I am one, so I can hear lot of things, most of them not good about us, and how do we treat people, and all the mistakes we make. Maybe the fact that we learn a lot of things that others no, and the fact that medicine is related with common life experiences like birth, growing, death, etc, let us understand how life is better. But are we going to exist for ever as a profession, or there is a time in the future when the necessity for doctor will not exist? Who knows? I found this presentation online free, it presents us a perspective about our future, take a look to this.
Author: Andy Kessler
Host: Commonwealth Club of California
Location: San Francisco, CA

Date: Jan 29, 2007

Mar 25, 2007

A Glimpse to the Future: Human 2.0


Today is Sunday, so it is a day for relax, to lie in bed until late, and to do whatever we want. That make me think about, some of the most important characteristics of internet, that is the fact that nobody control what I can see(yet) but me. I chose what I see, I chose what I read , what I listen. This is a fact that old fashioned television and entertainment companies don't like, because now, there's no way to just feed our mind with their ideas only. The last week I read about the sue Viacom made to Youtube for one billion dollars due to piracy of their products. But, even when they would win, this is no the end of the story, Youtube is not the only company where we can upload our videos, there are many others, like Veoh, that in my personal opinion is better than Youtube, also we can find ForaTV, that is by far better than Youtube and Veoh. That's why these giants of the mass media: NBC and News Corp, AOL, MSN, Yahoo and MySpace will join to form a new online video distribution network. We'll see what happen in the future with this battle. Anyway, Sunday is a day to relax, so today I post a video about Human 2.0 , this video was made by BBC the last year, it offers us a glimpse to our likely future, so enjoy it.

Mar 24, 2007

How to Use Tutorial


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This is the second tutorial I made, the purpose of it is to show you, how to open an account in, and to show how to use it. The duration of the tutorial is fourteen minutes, even when my English is not very good, I made this. That is the goal of the web now, to create new and original content. Sometimes, we just think that we can not do that, or that we do not have something to share with other; but definitely, all of us, each one of us, no matter what we do or what we are, can teach others. Just few days ago, I read that the word doctor has it origin in the latin word docere, that means to teach. That is what I pretend with this blog, but not only here, but in my daily life.

Mar 23, 2007

How to Learn to Search on Internet


To learn how to search for information, of any kind in any format, on internet really takes time, but this time is really a good investment in our education, I can say that it will pay off for sure. Today, more than ever before, each one of us has to become lifelong learners. The information is there, but most of the time we don't know that this exists. But Why? It is curious to realize that exists a culture of copyright, that we were born and grow up learning this concept, we are "programmed" to respect this concept, and what ever we do against copyright make us to feel bad. Just like the novel "Brave New World" By Aldous Huxley ( I like more the title in Spanish: Un Mundo Feliz ). Sometimes I feel that the development of our society is based on the ignorance of most of us. I feel also that nobody is doing something to change that. Why? Most of the things a learned came from this page Web Searchlores. There is no order, no menu and no guide of how to read this page, you just have follow your instinct to find what you want to learn. You will find many important concepts that will help you understand how the internet works.
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Mar 22, 2007

Medical Pages on


I subscribed to blogger almost two years ago, but it is not until now, that I really understand how it works, it is now, when I try to use it. My objective with these page is to share a bit of what I know with all of you. While doing my internship I realized that a lot of residents didn't know how to look for information on internet, so I used to work looking information for them. That is how I learned to use the internet and began to discover all the things that are possible with this powerful tool. But I understand that it is still difficult for most of us to get it. So lets make it easier with some examples. I am a big user of; but I use it in organized way, I saved there only what I consider important, and only "web portals", even when you can save any page, I just save there pages with a lot of information about a topic(medicine), for the articles that I am interested in, but are to generic, I use other service (clipmarks). You just need to make click in the link to access to my favorites and use them as you want, if you have a account just add "maxedmond" to your network. So you can see my pages, the way it works is similar to pages like Hi5 or Myspace, but instead of photos and profiles what you see are pages saved by other people, in this case health care people. So take a look to this link: Medicine tags Victor Castilla (maxedmond)

Mar 21, 2007

Digital Literacy: Sources of Information


Mar 20, 2007

Digital Literacy: Internet Misconceptions


With the time the use of technology has become so common and easy that we don't have to understand how do they work. Sometimes we start to mix up the meaning of different terms, interchanging one meaning for another without taking care of that. A common example for that are the words internet, web, and browser, what are totally different.The Internet is the worldwide, publicly accessible network of interconnected computer networks that transmit data by packet switching using the standard Internet Protocol (IP) or in toher words we can say that is the physical media. The World Wide Web ("WWW" or simply the "Web") is a system of interlinked, hypertext documents that runs over the Internet or we can say that it is the data. A web browser is a software application that enables a user to display and interact with text, images, and other information typically located on a web page at a website on the World Wide Web or a local area network or we could say that a browser(i.e. firefox, internet explorer, opera, safari) is the program we use to surf in the internet to access different type of data. This presentation show some common misconceptions about the internet that people have.

Mar 19, 2007

Information literacy in this Century


This is a presentation just to emphasize the importance of learning digital skills, and to show you how people is working to help professional to get this goal. It is important to learn how to educate ourselves in a continuous manner, with all the information I found for free on internet I believe that the main role of our universities or wherever we go to study is to teach us how to become long life learners. But, my question is why when the information is there, so few ones use it?

Mar 18, 2007

Digital Literacy Skills


How to get the ability to understand and use information in multiple formats from a wide range of sources when it is presented via computers? What skills do you have to learn in order to become digital literate? With this presentation I just try to show you some of the skills you have to develop. But keep in mind that you will have to spend time and patience until you become really efficient in the use of the internet as a tool.

Mar 16, 2007

What is Digital Literacy?


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One of the main things about Web 2.0 is the fact that make the access to internet easy, let you do things without the necessity to learn about digital language, but even when it is easy now to upload a video, share a photo, have your own podcast, there are many other things we have to learn, and we have to learn those thing by ourselves, fortunately internet allow us access to all this information, we just have to look for.
In this presentation I just try to explain why it is important to learn about it.

Mar 15, 2007

What happened with Google Print Project


I belong to the group of people who can not buy an original book, because they are too expensive, so I always try to find for good information in different ways, I always try to get full access to a book, and internet allow me that, in such a way that I think that information belong to those who find and use it. But to download book from internet is time consuming then it is an inconvenient to look in each of them to find what you want. And even when It is easier to download the book from many different servers than buy the book. It is more helpful to have a search engine to look in many different books at a time, is it possible to do that? the answer is yes, and that is what Google print project look for until is was stopped. The information for all is still a dream, even when most of the books are not under copyright law, why don't we use this information, we don't have access to these information, why when the technology to do that exist we do not use it, maybe because we don't know we can do that, so they take advantage of our lack of knowledge and do not release the information to anyone who wants to use it. Many people download books, scan books and post them online, there are many examples with more than four thousands medical books online. do you have to ask for permission each time you use a work, NO, the fair use of a copyright work is not and infringement. people have the right to profit with other work without permission, can I share my work, do I need to ask permission from the author to share something I bought, learn about what are our rights, what I can do in internet, what I can do with my computer, what I can see.

Mar 14, 2007

What is Net Neutrality?


What is Net Neutrality and why is so important for us to understand about it, things are really changing and the interest created around it are huge, recently I have reading about these but it not yet a popular topic people can talk about; in my opinion if this is going to continue this way, we will lose our freedom to do want we want with the internet without notice that. Here you can watch a really good explanation about Net Neutrality and the opinion Sir Tim Berner, the creator of internet, has about it.
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Mar 13, 2007

Are we part of this Humanity Lobotomy?


This is an amazing video about the control of internet and how big telephone companies are fighting to get the control of internet. We can here opinion of Sir Tim Berners creator of World Wide Web, Net Neutrality,how do we pass the information we create and how this change with the time. How the ways we create and transmit this information is regulated , who create the information in the traditional media(television, radio, newspapers)who benefit for that , just few have access to this why? we can not create radio, but technologies are changing, now anyone can have a podcast anyone can say what they want on internet, but this can be regulated in the future, by who?. Sir Tim Berners explain that freedom of connection with any application to any party connection is the fundamental social basis of society we build on internet, but control over the internet is going to kill the innovation of creation, who create the content of internet? the answer us. so spread awareness.
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Mar 12, 2007

What is Creative Commons?


Do you know what are your rights? Do you know what can you do on internet? Do you know what can you do with your computer? What is legal or illegal? Times are changing and the way things can be done are changing too, and there are people with huge interests who want to control what you do on internet, legal battles that are going to determine who will control the information you can access, people who wants to determine what can you do or what you can not do with with computer, there are things that maybe you are not aware of, but that you have to know. Because information and knowledge is power, those who control both of them will rule the world, but fortunately there is people who is fighting for our rights, for our freedom to do whatever we want to do. I just want to share this concept of creative commons with this to short videos, one in English the other in Spanish, and will like you to spread the message. Share, reuse, and remix — legally.

Mar 11, 2007

Are We a Free Culture?


We see changes every where, our society is changing, our environment, the internet also. But maybe there are things we are not aware about, things that maybe in the future are going to change the way things can be done. This is an amazing presentation, even when the audio is not so good, the content of what Lessig says it is really important, and is changing, maybe not so fast but a least it is a good initiative where to start. We as a doctors spend lot of time in our stuff that is medicine, but I think that we have to retake the roll in society we always have, with the time we just focus on medicine and leave other rolls we used to be involved. My intention is to share with you this information and create a little interest in you.
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Mar 10, 2007

Health Computer Illiteracy Part 2


How Web 2.0 is Changing Medicine BMJ 2006;333:1283-1284 ,this is a good article about joke tools that can make doctors' jobs easier and more efficient. The Web 2.0 is about freedom and sharing( weren't those the purposes of the creation of the internet?), the main difference with the old web is the fact that now we don't have to know nothing about language of computers to create a blog, to share files online, to create discussion groups, interchange images, look for help in difficult diagnostic cases, make meetings online, socialize, create medical communities, etc. Now, the use of internet has become so similar as the use of calculators or microwave ovens, because we do not know how do they work but we can use them in our behalf. There are directories of Web 2.0 like where we can find the tools we are looking for. jokewe just have to ask ourselves some simple questions, can I do that? it is possible to do that? what I can do to solve this problem? the chances to find someone who has the same problem to solve are really high. Just consider that internet is huge, and the number of users is growing. But are doctors prepared to take advantage of these tools? Are doctors taking an active participation of this revolution? are they applying Web 2.0 concepts? And if the answer is no, who is responsible for that? Who has to teach the doctors how to use these "new" technologies? In my opinion this is a responsibility of each one of us. If we learn, know and apply what already exists, the change this article talks about will come to pass sooner.

Mar 9, 2007

Health Computer Illiteracy


Lately, I have been reading about the tools of web 2.0 and the multiple applications we can take advantage to improve our clinical practice. And it is true that the development of this "new" technology to do that can be called a revolutionary, but are we part of this revolution? Are doctors Health Computer literate?. This web is to share and interact with others, the amount of information that exist is huge and the resources any one with internet can access, grow and grow with no stop. So it es important that doctors learn how to used these resources, how to select them and how to apply them to their practices. But who is responsible for that, our governments, our educational institutions, or ourselves.

Mar 7, 2007

Social Bookmarking & A Personal and Professional Productivity Tool


Nowadays we can fin lot of tools that can make our works more easy, one of them is, I use to remember when many years ago I visited cybercafe(internet was so expensive 10 years ago n Peru, that's why in my country cybercafe are really popular) with my diskette that contains all my favorites from one place to another, so each time I access to internet I just open this file to see them, I always was afraid because the diskettes were so fragile, so anything can damage it, and my information could be loss. Then I start to save it in my email account, now each time I access internet I download my file, and when finished, I upload it again updated. But this was so time consuming, later on I found, at the beginning I didn't understand how to used it or how to get the most from it, but now I can tell you that this is a powerful tools you can use to optimize your job. In this presentation you will see how you can use and what is this for.

Mar 6, 2007

Data Storage: for how long it can last?


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Hello to all. It does some time I was seeing documentary of the TVE (Spanish Television) in which was spoken on the lapsing of the data stored in average optician (discs CD, DVD and similars), as well as in magnetic means (tapes of audio, VHS, DAT and similars). Within the prespectiva of documentary saying, the data at the moment stored in supports type CD and DVD (I assume that also HD and Blu-ray) have a short time of enough life, which can arrive in the best one from the cases at 20 years (we remember that the first CD on sale and made of massive form was sent to the market in 1982). Although the main enemy of the data stored in those formats has been the diverse types of physical damages that can be inflingir to them (from a “pasadita” with the shirt, to pisotón by pure chance), are less controlable others. like the climatic changes. Inclusively, the presence of fungus was reported environmental that it “likes” to eat the polymer of which is made the cover of the CD, reason why when appearing this one organism in this support, loses the information contained in him (now I explain those black spots which they expand in the CD when I was living in the Peruvian forest.). In spite of it, the great companies (Sony, Phillips, Toshiba, LG, Samsung, etc, etc,) bet in the market sending extraordinary campaigns for “visualizing” “kindness” of this type of formats as it is his capacity of storage (at the moment the Blu-ray de Sony/Philips and the HD of Toshiba) have capacities of up to 50 Gigabytes (more or less 70 CD; 1 CD = 500 floppy disks; therefore 1 Blu-ray/HD = 35000 floppy disks) in relation to the size. Nevertheless, not yet they pass the acid test: the time. Thus the question rises: We must leave all our data (texts, images, audio, video, data, etc,) in this type of formats? For some scientists, this is not the suitable thing. Let us imagine for a moment that the computers ("compus" for others) are desactualizados from a little while to another one… if outside this certain one, present the CDs and DVDs could not be read. Inclusively now: Somebody has a record player (for those of vinyl)? If outside thus, all our valuable data would be lost, and… we could recover them? On the other hand, within 100 years, will be present all our valuable memories in the CD or DVDs? With these perspective, the lapsing of the information is frequently more alarming, in special when all our world is transformed into “digitalis” and it is stored in “discs”. Every time we have more capacities, but we become weaker. If the world of computer science followed the same laws that the biological world, the law of the natural evolution without a doubt some, would make extinguish to this type of storage.
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How to Switch Browser: from IE to FIREFOX


Most of the people use Internet Explorer to surf in the web. But the main reason for using Internet Explorer is not because this is an amazing browser but because people have never tried another browser, this is easy to explain by the fact that all the computers have IE already installed in the system when we buy a new computer, or when we go to any cybercafe and the browser that we find is explorer. The new version of explorer have taken many of the features of Firefox(i.e. like tabs); but even with those improvements, Firefox is a better and safer browser. One of the characteristics of Firefox that I like a lot is the customization, you can install as many add-ons as you want( I read that some guy install 200 and the browser works perfectly). Another thing that is important about Firefox is that is in a constant improvement, now we have the 2.0 version: but soon we will have the version 3.0. This is the first tutorial in video I made, I am showing you the basic steps you have to make to switch of browser, this is just going to take you few minutes. You also are going to learn how to install the Google Toolbar for Firefox, tab, Clipmarks tab, Flashgot and IE tab. In later post I will explain you how to use each of these add-ons in a really efficient manner.
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Mar 5, 2007

Microsoft buys MedStory


Thanks to New Media for the head's up MedStory Homepageabout Microsoft buying MedStory. For those of you who haven't seen it yet, MedStory is a rather extraordinary new medical search engine. What makes it special is not so much the actual search results, which seem to be identical to those from Google for the same search, as how the results are organized -- a granular display. A search for any medical or health topic will initially default to results MedStory believes are appropriate for consumers. These will be grouped under their "Health" tab (on the right hand side of the screen.Medstory: Health TabIsn't that exciting? I like to teach this to students as something to use when a topic is new to them. Look at how much you can learn about a topic without even clicking on any of the search results!. From the initial search result screen, you can then click on any topic to focus in on one of the search results, or you can click on the "Research" tab, or you can click on one of the icons right above the results toMedstory: Research Tab: Clinical Trials focus in on a publication type. In this image, I've done all of these -- from an initial search on Diabetes, I then selected the "Research" tab, chose the subtopic of Glycosylated Hemoglobin, and finally selected the publication type of Clinical Trials.
MedStory is a rather extraordinary new medical search engine. Now you go try it out, and see what you think!

Mar 4, 2007

Web 2.0 : Tools we can use to improve our use of internet


We can find many different resources to do what we want, web 2.0 uses the tools that already exist before; but in a different manner, web 2.0 try to make the use of internet more easy for all, the concept of web 2.0 allows us to work using many different programs with no necessity of install nothing in our computers, we do not need to know almost nothing about internet languages or so on to use these tools, the web day by day becomes more friendly.
Concepts like blogs, tags, web-based programs, community, feedback, etc. becomes more and more popular with the time, even when the concept of web 2.0 is not new, now, the vast majority of people don't know what exactly is Web 2.0 and how to use the tools that exist. Here I posted a presentation in PowerPoint I found in Slideshare, if you like you can here the audio presentation also, you just have to press Play. Do I have to be a webmaster to make things like this?. The answer is NO. you just need to be curious.
note: The presentation was by The UM Health Sciences Libraries, and the audio is by the School of Dentistry