Mar 11, 2007

Are We a Free Culture?

We see changes every where, our society is changing, our environment, the internet also. But maybe there are things we are not aware about, things that maybe in the future are going to change the way things can be done. This is an amazing presentation, even when the audio is not so good, the content of what Lessig says it is really important, and is changing, maybe not so fast but a least it is a good initiative where to start. We as a doctors spend lot of time in our stuff that is medicine, but I think that we have to retake the roll in society we always have, with the time we just focus on medicine and leave other rolls we used to be involved. My intention is to share with you this information and create a little interest in you.
note: video was downloaded from in flash format and transformed to video format
download de audio: MP3 Audio
download PPT presentation: Original PowerPoint Presentation
read the transcript: Transcript [O'Reilly Network]

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