Mar 6, 2007

How to Switch Browser: from IE to FIREFOX

Most of the people use Internet Explorer to surf in the web. But the main reason for using Internet Explorer is not because this is an amazing browser but because people have never tried another browser, this is easy to explain by the fact that all the computers have IE already installed in the system when we buy a new computer, or when we go to any cybercafe and the browser that we find is explorer. The new version of explorer have taken many of the features of Firefox(i.e. like tabs); but even with those improvements, Firefox is a better and safer browser. One of the characteristics of Firefox that I like a lot is the customization, you can install as many add-ons as you want( I read that some guy install 200 and the browser works perfectly). Another thing that is important about Firefox is that is in a constant improvement, now we have the 2.0 version: but soon we will have the version 3.0. This is the first tutorial in video I made, I am showing you the basic steps you have to make to switch of browser, this is just going to take you few minutes. You also are going to learn how to install the Google Toolbar for Firefox, tab, Clipmarks tab, Flashgot and IE tab. In later post I will explain you how to use each of these add-ons in a really efficient manner.
note: to watch the tutorial in Spanish click here

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