Jun 20, 2008

Medicine 2.0 : Applying what has been learned



It has been a long time since my last post. I have been busy working in different personal things. But a post by Bertalan Meskó make think about something that I realized long time ago. The key for a development of a culture of Medicine 2.0 is education : Health Digital Literacy.
Each one of us can help to make this possible. I am participating in a observership with a group of International Medical Graduates (IMGs) at UCLA. We have developed a web to share our experiences in the process of getting involve in the American Health Care System.
In the process I am also teaching my fellows all what I know about Medicine 2.0 .
Please Visit us:
UCLA International Medical Graduate (IMG) Program.

UCLA International Medical Graduate (IMG) Program Participants' BLOG.
Your feedback is always welcome.