Mar 12, 2007

What is Creative Commons?

Do you know what are your rights? Do you know what can you do on internet? Do you know what can you do with your computer? What is legal or illegal? Times are changing and the way things can be done are changing too, and there are people with huge interests who want to control what you do on internet, legal battles that are going to determine who will control the information you can access, people who wants to determine what can you do or what you can not do with with computer, there are things that maybe you are not aware of, but that you have to know. Because information and knowledge is power, those who control both of them will rule the world, but fortunately there is people who is fighting for our rights, for our freedom to do whatever we want to do. I just want to share this concept of creative commons with this to short videos, one in English the other in Spanish, and will like you to spread the message. Share, reuse, and remix — legally.

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