Mar 13, 2007

Are we part of this Humanity Lobotomy?

This is an amazing video about the control of internet and how big telephone companies are fighting to get the control of internet. We can here opinion of Sir Tim Berners creator of World Wide Web, Net Neutrality,how do we pass the information we create and how this change with the time. How the ways we create and transmit this information is regulated , who create the information in the traditional media(television, radio, newspapers)who benefit for that , just few have access to this why? we can not create radio, but technologies are changing, now anyone can have a podcast anyone can say what they want on internet, but this can be regulated in the future, by who?. Sir Tim Berners explain that freedom of connection with any application to any party connection is the fundamental social basis of society we build on internet, but control over the internet is going to kill the innovation of creation, who create the content of internet? the answer us. so spread awareness.
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  1. Among the giants you may have to fear: Now Google, too, who seem to be changing their mind on net neutrality.

    Of course, I don't think you have all that much to fear. Net neutrality is an interesting fight among tech companies, but the doomsday scenarios are just scare tactics.

    If you haven't seen the blog of the group I work with, from the skeptical side of this debate, you should check it out.

  2. It is not just a scare tactic. It is true. If the world do not get up and notice this giant fraud on humanity, the future generation will be at a loss. Who created the content in the NET? Not business organizations to own and sell it back to the people. Net Neutrality is an issue and we have to address it. Is it possible to send this to Anthony Oettinger of and obtain his views? Prof.Anthony Oettinger is one of the authorities in the world on Inforamtion technology and Public Policy.


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