Mar 28, 2007

Is it everything in Google?

I use Google a lot, because with my e-mail account can access many different services like notebook, blogger, video, images, page creator, reader, etc. that with a little bit of imagination complement each others and make my life easy, a little dependent, but more efficient in compensation. But is it every thing in Google? the answer is NOT, not all is in google. Google is just the tip of the iceberg, there is a lot of information ( in many different formats) that we can access through other search engines. But Google is so good that some times we forget that, and sometimes we assume that when we don't find something in google that just do not exist on the web, what is not true. That's why is so important to learn how to search for the information we want. It is important for us to become familiar with medical databases. Here I just leave a list of some of them, you have to spend some time looking at them, to become familiar with the information you will find in them.
Medical Databases list:
STAT!Ref Online
McGraw-Hill's Access Medicine
Wiley InterScience
TRIP Database
Taylor and Francis Group
Welcome to Ovid
Merck Medicus
Pub Med
McGraw-Hill's AccessScience
Biblioteca Cochrane Plus
HINARI Health InterNetwork Access to Research Initiative
HighWire Press
Ebsco Journal Portal
BMJ Journals Online
Blackwell Synergy
BioMed Central

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