Mar 5, 2007

Microsoft buys MedStory

Thanks to New Media for the head's up MedStory Homepageabout Microsoft buying MedStory. For those of you who haven't seen it yet, MedStory is a rather extraordinary new medical search engine. What makes it special is not so much the actual search results, which seem to be identical to those from Google for the same search, as how the results are organized -- a granular display. A search for any medical or health topic will initially default to results MedStory believes are appropriate for consumers. These will be grouped under their "Health" tab (on the right hand side of the screen.Medstory: Health TabIsn't that exciting? I like to teach this to students as something to use when a topic is new to them. Look at how much you can learn about a topic without even clicking on any of the search results!. From the initial search result screen, you can then click on any topic to focus in on one of the search results, or you can click on the "Research" tab, or you can click on one of the icons right above the results toMedstory: Research Tab: Clinical Trials focus in on a publication type. In this image, I've done all of these -- from an initial search on Diabetes, I then selected the "Research" tab, chose the subtopic of Glycosylated Hemoglobin, and finally selected the publication type of Clinical Trials.
MedStory is a rather extraordinary new medical search engine. Now you go try it out, and see what you think!

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