Mar 15, 2007

What happened with Google Print Project

I belong to the group of people who can not buy an original book, because they are too expensive, so I always try to find for good information in different ways, I always try to get full access to a book, and internet allow me that, in such a way that I think that information belong to those who find and use it. But to download book from internet is time consuming then it is an inconvenient to look in each of them to find what you want. And even when It is easier to download the book from many different servers than buy the book. It is more helpful to have a search engine to look in many different books at a time, is it possible to do that? the answer is yes, and that is what Google print project look for until is was stopped. The information for all is still a dream, even when most of the books are not under copyright law, why don't we use this information, we don't have access to these information, why when the technology to do that exist we do not use it, maybe because we don't know we can do that, so they take advantage of our lack of knowledge and do not release the information to anyone who wants to use it. Many people download books, scan books and post them online, there are many examples with more than four thousands medical books online. do you have to ask for permission each time you use a work, NO, the fair use of a copyright work is not and infringement. people have the right to profit with other work without permission, can I share my work, do I need to ask permission from the author to share something I bought, learn about what are our rights, what I can do in internet, what I can do with my computer, what I can see.

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  1. Do You Feel Your Business Has Been Mislead by Google’s Search Indexing or Google Adwords?

    It appears that Google has reached the ethical apex within the American Corporate sector. What is sad about all the perplexing information on Google and the many recent lawsuits against the company is that we continue to let corporations like Google and the Enron’s of the world eat away at what was a country with strong ethical codes of conduct, professionalism, and sturdy and honest leadership. Though we have not been a knowing victim of corporate deception, up till this point, we sadly admit our company feels that Google is misrepresenting it’s advertising and search engine ranking services. After a two and a half week vigilant analysis of Google’s Adwords “bidding” program, we have found that Google is, in short, is “misleading” it’s customers and depriving users of a free and open internet experience in the name of profit and corporate greed. We are unclear on what action to take and which bureaucratic body to approach in dealing with this matter, we are resolved in gaining more facts and information about Google and its business dealings and will seek damages to be rewarded to cover the offense that the company has caused. This statement is not intended to disparage or sway any of the current pending judgments against Google, but since we have not been able to resolve this matter with the company directly, and since they choose not to cooperate and continue their current business methods and hold such subjective business practices, we hold no recourse but to conform and align with other parties with similar interest against the company and take action. With that being said, we are seeking to initiate a class action law suite against the Google Corporation for ethics violations and misleading advertising customers by implementing a rather precarious and subjective search engine and advertising program. If you feel you may have fallen into any of these list of items, we would be interested in speaking with you about your experience and the possible offenses the company has caused your business. Please forward all inquiries to:


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