Mar 22, 2007

Medical Pages on

I subscribed to blogger almost two years ago, but it is not until now, that I really understand how it works, it is now, when I try to use it. My objective with these page is to share a bit of what I know with all of you. While doing my internship I realized that a lot of residents didn't know how to look for information on internet, so I used to work looking information for them. That is how I learned to use the internet and began to discover all the things that are possible with this powerful tool. But I understand that it is still difficult for most of us to get it. So lets make it easier with some examples. I am a big user of; but I use it in organized way, I saved there only what I consider important, and only "web portals", even when you can save any page, I just save there pages with a lot of information about a topic(medicine), for the articles that I am interested in, but are to generic, I use other service (clipmarks). You just need to make click in the link to access to my favorites and use them as you want, if you have a account just add "maxedmond" to your network. So you can see my pages, the way it works is similar to pages like Hi5 or Myspace, but instead of photos and profiles what you see are pages saved by other people, in this case health care people. So take a look to this link: Medicine tags Victor Castilla (maxedmond)

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