Mar 10, 2007

Health Computer Illiteracy Part 2

How Web 2.0 is Changing Medicine BMJ 2006;333:1283-1284 ,this is a good article about joke tools that can make doctors' jobs easier and more efficient. The Web 2.0 is about freedom and sharing( weren't those the purposes of the creation of the internet?), the main difference with the old web is the fact that now we don't have to know nothing about language of computers to create a blog, to share files online, to create discussion groups, interchange images, look for help in difficult diagnostic cases, make meetings online, socialize, create medical communities, etc. Now, the use of internet has become so similar as the use of calculators or microwave ovens, because we do not know how do they work but we can use them in our behalf. There are directories of Web 2.0 like where we can find the tools we are looking for. jokewe just have to ask ourselves some simple questions, can I do that? it is possible to do that? what I can do to solve this problem? the chances to find someone who has the same problem to solve are really high. Just consider that internet is huge, and the number of users is growing. But are doctors prepared to take advantage of these tools? Are doctors taking an active participation of this revolution? are they applying Web 2.0 concepts? And if the answer is no, who is responsible for that? Who has to teach the doctors how to use these "new" technologies? In my opinion this is a responsibility of each one of us. If we learn, know and apply what already exists, the change this article talks about will come to pass sooner.

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