Mar 27, 2007

Why Web 2.0 is so Important

One aspect really important among other of the Web 2.0 is the fact that it is really easy to share your ideas with others, It is really easy to find someone who have the same ideas and what is more important for me, is the fact that you can work with people you don't know and are far apart, but who have ideas is common with you. Working in collaboration with others, applying what is called Collective Intelligence will let us to improve as a society. But, somehow this is a time of mass education, schools create professionals that think in the same way, schools are like factories were people are programmed to think in determined way, with a narrow view of life, and the mass media give a huge help with that too. We just see, hear and learn what some people want. Nevertheless, internet nowadays allow us to choose what we want to see, hear, learn, but for how long more? This presentation show us a positive perspective of what the future will be, and how important Web 2.0 is, and give us really good examples of that.

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