Mar 25, 2007

A Glimpse to the Future: Human 2.0

Today is Sunday, so it is a day for relax, to lie in bed until late, and to do whatever we want. That make me think about, some of the most important characteristics of internet, that is the fact that nobody control what I can see(yet) but me. I chose what I see, I chose what I read , what I listen. This is a fact that old fashioned television and entertainment companies don't like, because now, there's no way to just feed our mind with their ideas only. The last week I read about the sue Viacom made to Youtube for one billion dollars due to piracy of their products. But, even when they would win, this is no the end of the story, Youtube is not the only company where we can upload our videos, there are many others, like Veoh, that in my personal opinion is better than Youtube, also we can find ForaTV, that is by far better than Youtube and Veoh. That's why these giants of the mass media: NBC and News Corp, AOL, MSN, Yahoo and MySpace will join to form a new online video distribution network. We'll see what happen in the future with this battle. Anyway, Sunday is a day to relax, so today I post a video about Human 2.0 , this video was made by BBC the last year, it offers us a glimpse to our likely future, so enjoy it.

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