Mar 29, 2007

What is the Deep Web?

With Google we just can access a small quantity of data, as I told you, google is just the tip of the iceberg, the rest of information that exist can be accessed through other search engines, the fact is that we have to learn how, even when now it is easy to look for videos, images, ppt presentations, animations, etc, we have to learn how, and to keep in mind that we can not access all the information just using one search engine, the information is there, that is why is so important to know many different search engines, databases, etc. If you don't find something with one search engine, you have to use another. And keep in mind that the results you obtain change from country to country even when you use the same search engine, just try with a simple search in google, then go to preference and change the language of preference, and try again, you will see that the results are different. This video show you a brief explanation about the deep web. So pay attention and spread the knowledge.

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