Mar 7, 2007

Social Bookmarking & A Personal and Professional Productivity Tool

Nowadays we can fin lot of tools that can make our works more easy, one of them is, I use to remember when many years ago I visited cybercafe(internet was so expensive 10 years ago n Peru, that's why in my country cybercafe are really popular) with my diskette that contains all my favorites from one place to another, so each time I access to internet I just open this file to see them, I always was afraid because the diskettes were so fragile, so anything can damage it, and my information could be loss. Then I start to save it in my email account, now each time I access internet I download my file, and when finished, I upload it again updated. But this was so time consuming, later on I found, at the beginning I didn't understand how to used it or how to get the most from it, but now I can tell you that this is a powerful tools you can use to optimize your job. In this presentation you will see how you can use and what is this for.

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