Mar 26, 2007

The End of Medicine

Once in a while is good to hear what others think about us, and what they think about our profession. People usually treat us well, they come with us with their ailments, but what about our colleagues, people who work with us, I have the opportunity to study now with people who are not doctors and who do not know that I am one, so I can hear lot of things, most of them not good about us, and how do we treat people, and all the mistakes we make. Maybe the fact that we learn a lot of things that others no, and the fact that medicine is related with common life experiences like birth, growing, death, etc, let us understand how life is better. But are we going to exist for ever as a profession, or there is a time in the future when the necessity for doctor will not exist? Who knows? I found this presentation online free, it presents us a perspective about our future, take a look to this.
Author: Andy Kessler
Host: Commonwealth Club of California
Location: San Francisco, CA

Date: Jan 29, 2007

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