Mar 6, 2007

Data Storage: for how long it can last?

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Hello to all. It does some time I was seeing documentary of the TVE (Spanish Television) in which was spoken on the lapsing of the data stored in average optician (discs CD, DVD and similars), as well as in magnetic means (tapes of audio, VHS, DAT and similars). Within the prespectiva of documentary saying, the data at the moment stored in supports type CD and DVD (I assume that also HD and Blu-ray) have a short time of enough life, which can arrive in the best one from the cases at 20 years (we remember that the first CD on sale and made of massive form was sent to the market in 1982). Although the main enemy of the data stored in those formats has been the diverse types of physical damages that can be inflingir to them (from a “pasadita” with the shirt, to pisotón by pure chance), are less controlable others. like the climatic changes. Inclusively, the presence of fungus was reported environmental that it “likes” to eat the polymer of which is made the cover of the CD, reason why when appearing this one organism in this support, loses the information contained in him (now I explain those black spots which they expand in the CD when I was living in the Peruvian forest.). In spite of it, the great companies (Sony, Phillips, Toshiba, LG, Samsung, etc, etc,) bet in the market sending extraordinary campaigns for “visualizing” “kindness” of this type of formats as it is his capacity of storage (at the moment the Blu-ray de Sony/Philips and the HD of Toshiba) have capacities of up to 50 Gigabytes (more or less 70 CD; 1 CD = 500 floppy disks; therefore 1 Blu-ray/HD = 35000 floppy disks) in relation to the size. Nevertheless, not yet they pass the acid test: the time. Thus the question rises: We must leave all our data (texts, images, audio, video, data, etc,) in this type of formats? For some scientists, this is not the suitable thing. Let us imagine for a moment that the computers ("compus" for others) are desactualizados from a little while to another one… if outside this certain one, present the CDs and DVDs could not be read. Inclusively now: Somebody has a record player (for those of vinyl)? If outside thus, all our valuable data would be lost, and… we could recover them? On the other hand, within 100 years, will be present all our valuable memories in the CD or DVDs? With these perspective, the lapsing of the information is frequently more alarming, in special when all our world is transformed into “digitalis” and it is stored in “discs”. Every time we have more capacities, but we become weaker. If the world of computer science followed the same laws that the biological world, the law of the natural evolution without a doubt some, would make extinguish to this type of storage.
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