Aug 28, 2007

Web 2.0: Medical e-books and the Importance of Digital Literacy



ew weeks ago I went to UCLA Medical Center. Medical students were presenting their posters about the work they did during the summer. There were many interesting ones, but there was one that caught my attention. It was about how publishers are changing from paper publications to electronic publications during the last years. This week I read a post from K.S. Descartin. She wrote about her experience with the use of e-books and all the advantages that this fact represents. Even when I like a lot techno-gadgets. I have to admit that they still have disadvantages when compared with paper materials. While you can access lot of information with a simple click. You depend on the duration of the battery of your device to access the information you want. And actually you have to buy the gadget - what not all can afford -. And what about if the system crash. No internet connection. Have you think about that? What will happen if you can not access the information you want the moment you need it. Of course technology has lot of advantages we can not deny too. But, are we using these technologies efficiently? These things make me think about the importance of digital literacy again. And the fact there is still a lot to learn. Somehow each one of us learn about it by our own. I have not found a formal course to learn about it. I think now more than ever, with lot of information you can access if you know how, learning is a matter of motivation more than a merely passive act.

This is a funny video just to think why digital literacy really matters:


  1. Hi Victor,
    Is this photograph (children on ebooks) an original of yours? If so, may I use this photograph for an article I will be writing sometime about ebooks? Do you have one without the writing on the photo? Thanks!

  2. The photo above was photo was taken by julie lindsay
    It has a creative commons license.
    to see the photo with no letters click here.

  3. thestoryofhealing11/30/2007 3:04 PM

    Thanks, Victor.


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