Oct 20, 2007

Web 2.0 and Medicine is about Values in Practice

"Solidarity is more than give just a hand, it is more than share with a brother. It is an universal feeling that disappears borders between countries no matter believes, races or colors."


eb 2.0 and Medicine is an amazing combination. It is something that has lot of potential in our field. But Medicine and Web 2.0 - or Health 2.0 - are not only about information and technologies. It is about values that we can put on practice. Solidarity and collaboration with no interest. It is a big idea. From my point of view, they can only generate more well being for more people, and sometimes for ourselves. Last months I was working on my personal statement. It was not easy to put all my ideas in just one page. Now this work is done. But I know lot of International Medical Graduates (IMG) each year have the same problem, trying to write something good about themselves. That is why I made this post, to share some templates and guidelines that where really helpful to me. If you know about more templates or guidelines to write a personal statement, please leave your comment and the link to these resources.


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