Apr 11, 2007

Using Web 2.0 to Access Medical Books Online and more

I just talked to a friend about the things we can do with our computers, and it is interesting to realize that most of the people use their personal computers just to type, to read, to store information, and to chat with people; but, Is that all you can do with your computer?, What are you allowed to do with your computer?. Sometimes we just don't do more things because we don't ask ourselves what is possible and what is not, or sometimes we just don't look for the answer to our questions. In this post I just going to show you how useful(more than you can expect) is to learn how to use the internet to access medical books on internet. I'm going to do that using OVID Books as an example of that:
How? just click HERE , now you can access to 59 book online, you can search in more than one book at a time, and you can see some journals also, sometimes this link allow you to access to more than 200 book, but the last time I tried it just 59 books. You want more?. you just have to keep yourself looking. Do you know what happen when you visit Statref, and write "newyork" in the username box, "metro" in the password box, and then you make Click?. Try it, you won't be dissappointed.But let's make it simple to you: click HERE, this is a really simple page but with lot of useful and powerful information, I found it 5 years ago and it still works. But, that's all the information I can access? answer: NO. There is a lot of more information, It is a matter of learn how to access to them, to finish I leave you a list of places that contain lot of links to download information from internet, some better than other, you have to try them to pick the ones you like the most:


  1. http://medicinebooks.blogspot.com/

  2. www.medishared.com

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