Apr 8, 2007

How to Use Web 2.0 to Get a Medical Ebook

Here I leave you and example Ipod Book Model of why I think an "Ipod Book" model can exist. The Ipod business born as a necessity against the piracy of music, because almost everybody knows how to rip a CD or DVD. But, how many people know how to get the information that is contained in books on internet for FREE? But , first let me ask you some questions more: Do You have to pay to have a book in pdf format? answer: NO Why not? because, there are many different places where you can download books in pdf for free, example: EbooksClub, you can find here more than four thousand links to download medical books. Second question: Do you have to pay to have a book in pdf format legally? answer: NO Why not? Because, there are many different places where you can download and search for books, example: Google Book Search allow download, search inside the book, view it online, those places also allow you to buy the book online. Third question, Can I see a book online? answer: YES examples: Statref, AccessMedicine , Ovid , but not only look in one book, but many different books at a time. But I have to pay for that? answer: NO, there are many different ways to get access to this books, for example you can go to the library of some university with access to this databases, ask your girlfriend who study at the university for her password, or find the password on internet( use Baidu in the search box type "ezproxy password").Or look for this on internet some people is uploading books and CD books online, example: Atlas of Emergency Medicine book from access medicine that was copied and uploaded again ,Clinical Oncology this is a CD book that is online.
But publishers don't change the way they make business, because we don't know and don't learn how to use the internet and the tools that exist and the fact that now it more easy to publish, I just few days ago found the Google Library Project , I just think that this is a good idea, except for the fact that each time you upload a book it ask you for the ISBN of the book. But there is another way to publish my book in pdf format online:
First, Upload the book to Scribd allow to embed the book in blogs, allow download in different format(pdf, word, text) and audio also, then if I want to read the book I just need to use an ebooks reader devices, or if I like to have the book in my hands, I can order to print it using a service like PrintFu (print pdf book service), and that's it
With this I just want to show you that, if lot of people know how to get a book using internet, they would not buy anymore books from the publishers. What publishers can do against this: low their prices, making their product more accessible to everybody
improve their products,create more services.

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