Nov 14, 2007

Why is Important to Learn About Web 2.0 and Medicine ?

medicine 2.0


have been learning about the Web 2.0 for more than a year. Since February I have been writing about it in this blog. The purpose is to share with others what I know, to get more and more people involved with it. Not all my colleagues I have talked to about it really understand the concept or why it is so important to learn about it though.
That is why I have been thinking how to teach my colleagues in the health care community about the importance of Web 2.0 and Medicine. But without complicated terms or definitions. Why is important to learn about it? For me it is really clear that these concepts and technologies of the web 2.0 applied to medicine are going to change how the flow of medical information is created. With the use of these "new" tools we are going to go back to basics, and we will have the chance to learn medicine in a Socratic way again. We will have more time to spend with our peers to talk about the humanistic side of medicine. Learning about Web 2.0 and Medicine is as important as to learn about writing. All of us recognize the importance of knowing how to write. I think all of us can recognize the importance of writing in the mankind history.
I going to quote The British Library Board. Why to write: "For thousands of years human beings have used marks, symbols, drawings and signs to communicate with one another. In order to share knowledge, we need to be able to store information and pass it on to future generations. Memory is our first resource, but, over the centuries, we have developed many other ways to store and transmit information."
You know how to write in paper format and you know all the advantages it has. But do you know how to write on internet ? How much do you know ? Can you imagine all the opportunities the learning of these technologies can generate? That is why to learn about Web 2.0 and Medicine is important.

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