May 30, 2007

Web 2.0 : A Sharing Culture

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am almost 2 years in the United States. I am an applicant for the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates(ECFMG). This is a country with people from all around the world. During the time I took for my preparation to pass the USMLE steps 1 and 2, I had the chance to meet people from Middle East. What I like about their culture, among many different things, is the fact that they are like a big family. They help each other while they are here. I write about that because this principle of collaboration in a group is really important to understand what the Web 2.0 can allow you to do. Before to come here I did not have a personal computer, neither free access to internet at any time. Now with both of them I can access lot of information I could not before. Today, I want to collaborate sharing some links that all international medical graduates, who wants to do their residency in the United States of America, will like. These are links to pages that contain videos of how to make physical examinations, how to have a clinical encounter with a patient in different situations. You do not need a password or to pay in order to watch the videos, you just have to make click. By watching these videos you are not breaking any law. These videos were made to help people in the medical field. So use them. I made this blog with this purpose, to share the information I can access with others, but I realize that to give the information is not enough, people must play an active role in their self-education, so if you want other links related with medicine, you can email me. If you want more material to prepare for the USMLE just check out Ebay search for "usmle videos" and watch out what you find. Or maybe you can try to use programs like emule, if you have never use programs like these before you will be amazed. Finally, if you are asking yourself why am I doing that? why do I share this information? what do I want in exchange for the information I give with my blog? the answer is simple: NOTHING, just because. I hope in the future a culture of sharing with no interest will born.


  1. Thank you for this hearfelt writing. I am also an international graduate and I believe in a culture of openness and sharing. More power to you. Most Sincerely, K

  2. Thank you for the comment. I have to say that I wrote this post inspired by yours "2.0 in Medicine and Definitely Beyond" when you say, "In solidarity with the spirit of opening the gates to better access to knowledge" and share the information you can access with others. While in medical school some groups kept the passwords, access, lectures for themselves. What I thought was really mean. I do not want to continue with this trend. At the end it does not matter how much information we can access, but how much of them we use in behalf of our patients.

  3. This is the sentence of the month: "I hope in the future a culture of sharing with no interest will born."

    Thank you!


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