May 6, 2007

Web 2.0 and Medicine : Medicine 2.0

Medicine 2.0
A lot of people that I talk to still do not know what is the web 2.0 and do not realize how web 2.0 can be related or can be used to improve our knowledge and practice in medicine. Indeed, some people say that a doctor must be, in a hospital or in a clinic, writing prescriptions instead of being writing in front of a computer about Web 2.0. I made this presentation taking two presentations as references, the presentation of Dean Giustini about "How Web 2.0 is changing medicine" and the presentation of Bertalan Meskó about "Medicine 2.0". As we know medicine is a science and art, and to be a doctor means to know not only about medicine. But, what is web 2.0 ? what web 2.0 is about? what web 2.0 services exist? How web 2.0 can be related with medicine ? To define it, I want to use a non-technical definition, web 2.0 is just the technology anyone can use to share, to create, and to collaborate with others. It is not about the name we have to take care about, but about the fact that it is something that will form part of our daily life. For us, as doctors, the integration of web 2.0 and medicine will lead to something we could name Medicine 2.0, or a new way to see the practice of medicine. Because Medicine 2.0 is about realizing the potential of today's technology in healthcare, it is about working together, it is about getting closer to other colleagues and patients. The use of these technologies will allow us to save time, to share knowledge and experiences, to create knowledge, to collaborate and to participate with others. In such a way, we will have more time to spend involving in the humanistic part of medicine.

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