Oct 21, 2007

Web 2.0 and Medicine: It is About Spread of Ideas



hat do you know that can be shared with others? I think each one of us has something special to teach to others. No matter what type of formal instruction you have. All of us are an invaluable source of ideas. In our daily life, at the school, at the hospital, in the clinics, or at home, we all play an important role. Do not be afraid of express yourself. It takes time at the beginning but then it is really easy. Sometimes we do not transmit what we know because we think that is not important. I always remember this story about José Saramago, a Literature Nobel Laureate, when he received the prize, he gave thanks to the two wiser people he ever met: his grandparents who did not know how to write or how to read. So next time you have an idea: share it. Web 2.0 is about that: "spread of ideas", your ideas. An amazing site I found on internet with tones of videos is TED. You will find here really amazing thinkers of different fields, not only medicine. Watch this video: Secrets of success in 8 words, 3 minutes. You will find more at TED.

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  1. Great observations. I'm forwarding this to my grandchildren.


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