Oct 29, 2007

Digital Literacy: Find Whatever You Need for Medicine

residency interview


esterday I received an email from a friend. He asked about information to do a protocol. He told me he did his research for information in Google, but this was not useful. I think it was not useful because he did not know how how look for the information he needs that is in Google, and also because not all the information is there. Theassumption "if it is not in Google, it does not exist" is false. That is one reason I think digital literacy is really important. Today I am going to leave some links really useful to those people who are trying to get into a residency program. One presentation on PowerPoint, a list of questions you will be asked and some you can ask, and finally three videos of residency interviews. Enjoy them.

      What do the program directors look in a resident?
      General Competencies for a Resident:

      patient care,
      medical knowledge,
      practice-based learning and improvement, and
      interpersonal and communication skills,
      systems-based practice.
      source: Outcome Project

      Material to READ:
      Smart Strategies for Successful Residency Interviews UCLA
      Interview Planning. Interview Questions: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

      List of Questions:
      List 1
      List 2
      List 3


  1. pssst, your graphic misspells "Getting" -- you may want to fix it.

  2. very useful, I posted at http://health2.info/story.php?id=1321


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