May 20, 2007

Web 2.0: A Web Not Only to Read

Read-Only Web


hat we can do with our computers will depend on how curious we can be, most of the people use the web to read only, to watch videos only, to listen music only, the web used to be to do that: "to read-only". But not anymore, because the web 2.0 allow us to do lot of things without the necessity of computer literacy, but even when this is a fact, most of the people still just read and will read only while using the internet. As far as I see there is a long way to create a digital culture, to know about computers not only mean to know how to push a button. This process of learning will take time, it is really difficult to get the people engaged with the concept of digital literacy and efficient use of internet. So what we can do with our computers, What is the limit? just your imagination.

An example of what a medical student with a computer can do:

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