May 21, 2007

Web 2.0: A Read/Write Web

Read/Write Web


o learn how to use the web is not an easy job, it takes time. A lot of time and effort maybe, depending on how much you know about computers and how much you want to learn about them. Sometimes I think that if more people would know about the Web 2.0 and their principles, we would be living a cultural revolution, but the economical interests created around the business of knowledge are so powerful that the change will take time to become hundred percent real. It is better to let the people think they are free to do whatever they want when the true is the opposite. Sometimes I think that we live in the era of slavery. They do not domain our bodies with chains, but our mind with their ideas. For all of that it is important to learn that the web is not only to read but to write, to create, to share and to collaborate. Looking back in time I realize that the process of learning how to use the web pass through many steps:

     1.- Read only others work
     2.- Read and copy others work
     3.- Read, copy and paste others work
     4.- Read, copy, paste and remix others work
     5.- Read, copy, paste, remix and write your own work by yourself
     6.- Read, copy, paste, remix and write a work in collaboration with others

So, in which step you are? do not be afraid to use your computer and express your ideas. Take advantage of all the information and all the people you can find on the web.

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  1. Hi Victor,

    Thanks for this very informative read. I enjoyed reading your blog and have cited you in one of my blogs about 2.0.

    All the best,


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