Apr 5, 2007

Ask Dr Wiki: An Interesting Example of Medicine and Web 2.0

Ask Dr Wiki is an example of collaboration to create new knowledge without the necessity of third persons (publishers), what doesn't mean that the information would be of low quality, on the contrary, with the participation of each one of us, the knowledge that we create will be better, a concept of web 2.0 is FEEDBACK( to let others to know your ideas and opinions), the opinion of each one us is really important, and with the use of the web we can express our opinions, it is not impossible to communicate with others that have similar interests, but not too many people is participating yet in this change, some still believe that it is impossible to to create in internet without the knowledge to do so, but this is just partially true. We all of us learn day by day new things, that can be shared with others, so visit this wiki and spread your knowledge.

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