Apr 4, 2007

Using Web 2.0 to teach Medicine

One of the goals I look for with this blog is to teach others, how to use the internet, obviously not all of us, are so involved with the internet and do not spend a lot time looking for tools that can make our work and study more efficient, but if you find this page, you don't have to learn what I try to teach, but you can take advantage of the links you will find here. What I notice is that a lot of people never check the pages they find, they just take a superficial overview and never realize all the information they are missing, and example of how I use this blog is to gather some information for some people, for example I create a blog with Microbiology Animations, not only the ones that everybody knows, but the ones that I found and consider useful. I made this blog to help my students from a community college where I am working for a while. Take a look to this maybe you can find something useful for you.

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