Aug 8, 2007

Web 2.0 : An Useful Tool to Study Embryology

study of a womb


mbryology for sure was one of the most difficult subjects I took at the university. I was clueless about embryology and the human development inside the uterus. Trying to figure out just by looking at static graphics was so hard for me. When I found this material on internet I said to myself that how come I could not learn it before. So this is for those who are studying embryology for the first time and for them who just like to learn. The draw above is named "The foetus in the womb" was made by Leonardo da Vinci (c1510-12)

   Embriology Lectures Online
   Name:Human Embriology
   Source:Temple University
   Date: 2005
   Tip: you will find here presentation with audio, animations, etc, really excellent page.

   Embriology Animations Online

   Name:Human Embriology Animations
   Source:Indiana University
   Date: unknown
   Tip: animations with no audio, review system by system development.

   Name:Embryonic Folding
   Source:University of Cincinnati
   Date: 2006
   Tip: animations with audio, 3D animations.


   Dare to use your computer
   If you to download Embryonic folding you can install FlashGet and the Firefox addon Flash Got. To download the movies to your PC try with Quicktime Pro to download it click here.

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  1. Hi Nice Blog . The detailed Human Anatomy study , for example, of the bronchial tree as seen through the bronchoscope is now of great importance. The introduction of laparoscopic and thoracoscopic instruments to explore and operate in the abdomen and thorax respectively has also opened new vistas as surgeons require to learn their anatomical landmarks through these approaches.


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