Aug 7, 2007

Web 2.0 : A tool to Study Histology by Your Own

Santiago Ramon y Cajal at Work


am thinking about what we can learn at home without the necessity of moving out of there, and without the necessity of spending lot of money in tuition fees, books, transportation, etc. While doing that I start with these posts. The links I put here are all around the blog, but because I notice people do not spend time checking all the blog, I decide to select the best links and share them directly with all of you. This post is about Histology, like many other courses of basic sciences I studied at medical school, I did it in black and white only, from photocopied books I could afford. Now internet allows new generation of doctors avoid this, and study from really good material they can access for free. The photo above is "Santiago Ramón y Cajal at work", to learn more about him click in the links at the end of the post.

   Histology Interactive Tutorial
   Name:Virtual Textbook of Interactive Histology
   Source:University of Calgary
   Date: 2001
   Tip: You can listen audio, and watch the slides.

   Histology Interactive Atlas
   Name:Virtual Slidebox Histology
   Source:University of Iowa Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
   Date: unknown
   Tip: It is always useful to add some images we like to our work. If you want to capture the images, an useful tool you can use is FastStone Capture. It used to be a freeware, but now they make it a shareware. If you want to use the freeware version click here to download it.

I think these two pages are excellent; however for medical student it is never enough. They want to have all sources of information available, even if they can not read all the information they have in hands. For those check my histology links in and check this links to find histology books. Finally, this phrase that is just beautiful: "The stories condemn useless rhetoric and unquestioning obedience, the qualities Cajal found most inimical to science".

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