Jun 10, 2007

Using the Web to Access Medical Databases Legally

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omething important for a wide use of the internet and the web as a productivity tool in medicine is the fact that we have to work hard in changing the way people think. This is a really difficult task. If we take in consideration the fact that few people talk and apply the concepts of Web 2.0 to their daily routine in medicine. This is just a consequence of belonging to a system that is based on the ignorance of us. Maybe I am wrong, but I realize that when lot of people use the internet, they think that there is only one way to do something. Most of the people do not realize that internet is a universe of infinite possibilities. Most of the people do not realize that with all the world connected, the chances to find someone who has the same interest of us is really high. To demonstrate that, I am going to show you one useful example. During the month of May MD Consult offered a Open House subscription. Now the offer is ended. If you want to continue with the subscription, you have to pay for it. Is it right? The answer is NO. Do you have to look for a password that does not belong to you on internet? the answer is NO. What you have to do is to visit Promedicum, open your own account, and that is it. The web is in Spanish, if you do not read in Spanish, follow your common sense. That is paramount when using the internet in medicine. Or do you want to continue belonging to the system?

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