Nov 29, 2007

Web Conference in Medicine 2.0 : Tool to Connect Doctors

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Two days ago I received an invitation to try the Beta version of DimDim. This is a free web meeting conference tool. It is not the only one that exist, but this is free, open source, with a general public license. After I tried it, I can say that I am really pleased with it. It still has some bugs, but you can work with it pretty well. Previously I wrote bout Yugma, but DimDim I think it is better. What is interesting about this service is the fact that anyone can use it from anywhere. You only need a computer and good internet access. There is no necesity to upgrade your computer system. I have used it with my two years old laptop, an Acer Aspire 5000, AMD Turion 64 (1 MB L2 cache), 1.6 GHZ, and 1 GB DDR of RAM with Windows XP. I was looking for medical schools that offer this service for their students, an it was really interesting to read all the rules you have to follow to access this service, for example you can read the Stanford School of medicine video conference services page, to have an idea of that. This is a tool with a lot of potential to connect doctors that work in rural communities with those who work in urban communities, but not only that, the potential use we as doctors can give to this service is just amazing. Check out the video from the DimDim creators.


  1. First Hotmail, then Skype now dimdim. Fantastic. Democratising the web and enabling collaboration across boundaries deserves accolades. Congratulations and thanks.

  2. I took its trial earlier. This is indeed the next step toward bringing the doctors collaboratory medical needs in the present century. But many of the docs here at Joseph central hospital - Austin and many more in the area around are actively using for their needs..I read one of their review earlier in a blog and the reason was that its easy to manage and is best trusted for their medical needs..

  3. Asombroso como juntas la tecnología con la medicina. Como ves, no soy bueno escribiendo el inglés. Únicamente lo leo.

  4. That would be very helpful for the doctors specially for discussing medical case.
    medicine and can improve treatment.


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