Apr 26, 2007

ooVoo: Video Web Conferencing

Communication is now really easy in comparison to past years. You only need a web cam, a computer and lot of creativity. It is not necessary to have a million dollar to have a video conference or to do lot of things with the Web 2.0 as Dean Giustini mention in his blog. ooVoo, an IM/Video conferencing tool, is just awesome. It is now beta. It works as a messenger program like Windows Live Messenger or Yahoo Messenger, but what make it special is the fact that you can make video calls, video conference( up to 5 persons at the same time), video messaging and upload your videos to their server to embedded messages in your forum or blog. I think that ooVoo will be more useful than Skype and other messenger programs. Companies are working hard to offer this type of service, Google just bought Marratech to offer this service in the future. Try it now, you will not be disappointed.

ooVoo links
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ooVoo Tutorial
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  1. That's really a smart and quick solution for video conferencing, without much efforts and time.

  2. That is why I love the web. It continues to create awesome new ways of communicating. So cool!! I thought that free voice calls was cool. Then I got some work with ooVoo and was so shocked. Seriously! I have been dreaming about being able to video-chat with my whole family at once. ooVoo actually has found a way to do it. Pretty darn cool.


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